Valuable Experience In Distressed Asset Management

The Bricton Group has a proven ability to design solutions for under-performing hotel assets or properties that have entered into receivership. We have the experience required to work with lending institutions, the legal system and owners to efficiently identify problem areas within the assets and move forward to resolution.

Operating from the owner's perspective, and, on their behalf, Bricton formulates a plan of action that focuses on five vital areas:

Physical Plant

Bricton will conduct a thorough inspection to determine both the asset's most pressing needs and those that can be deferred.

Our industry-leading experience in repositioning hotels empowers us to make informed decisions on how best to implement changes without a significant capital investment.


All hotel associates will be evaluated by experienced Bricton human resources specialists. For associates who remain after review, a dedicated focus will be placed upon training them to meet our own service model standards and become fully integrated into the Bricton culture of hospitality and operations.

Financial Reporting

Bricton has an excellent reputation for generating timely and detailed financial information for distressed hotels or hotels in receivership. We have a long history of working within the existing system – navigating the process with great efficiency and accuracy. Our outstanding reference list from both owners and the courts is testimony to our experience

Revenue Generation

The Bricton Group employs a tactical approach to increasing revenues for distressed hotels or hotels in receivership. All facets of revenue generation are meticulously examined – including direct sales, third party channels (, Travelocity, etc.) brand contribution, billboards and media programs.

Once the asset is stabilized – typically within three to six months – the Bricton Group works with the owner/lender to develop a disposition plan to maximize proceeds. The plan will include everything from recommending, interviewing and selecting the proper brokerage firm to marketing the distressed hotel in the best possible manner.