Bricton Linking and Data Exchange:
A proprietary, value-adding, technology platform.

Information Management

BLADE (Bricton Linking and Data Exchange) is a dynamic, highly customizable and multi-faceted technology platform designed specifically for hospitality, golf clubs and related industries. The primary purpose is to share knowledge across the organization and provide complete transparency. By sharing knowledge, all parties are kept up to date with the most recent data. The data is not duplicated on every user's computer as it is located at one central site. It also allows the users to connect and collaborate easily from where they are located either in the corporate office, at a specific property or at home.

Contact Management

BLADE Contact and Contract Manager
Linking capability between documents and companies
Documents sent via email or traditional mail are uploaded and linked:

  • Proposals
  • Contracts-Lists in a sortable table, by contract expiration date and quick summary of provisions
  • Disposal pick-up
  • Uniform rental
  • Snow plowing
  • Useful at annual budget time and for owner/Board of Director annual reviews.

BLADE Bricton Library

Houses all documents to operate an individual department:

  • Checklists
  • Forms
  • Job descriptions
  • Sample bonus plans
  • Templates

Contains timely articles specific to their job titles
All users have ability to upload to this area
Virtual Best Practices training site

Acquisitions + Development

BLADE Acquisitions and Business Development tool:
Superior tool for real estate company
Linking capabilities to track documents and companies
All documents and contacts can be linked to specific transaction
Acquisition sites are established
All documents, companies and individuals connect with each transaction

Relevant Information

BLADE provides relevant information right at your fingertips:

  • Financial Statements
  • Accounting Forms
  • Contact Information


BLADE Dashboard performs six major functions:

  1. Distributes key operational information to all users based upon permissioning hierarchy:
  2. Daily, weekly or monthly data is in user's dashboard
  3. Owner/Investor, Board of Directors, corporate employee, associate at property
  4. RSS feeds to provide timely information from news services, industry publications and other related sources.
  5. Key announcements/topical information that other users have posted and the ability for user to post.
  6. Calendar function allows user to:
  • Schedule meetings
  • Track due dates
  • Share information with appropriate colleagues

Manage Business Process

Centralized location for creating, assigning and managing tasks
Sortable by “task assigned to”, “due date”, and “department”
Running log of open and completed tasks
Visible audit trail of all assigned tasks
Useful tool for senior management, management company and Board of Directors

Physical plant application to track related activity:
In-house inspections
Municipal inspections
Preventative maintenance work performed

Document Manager

BLADE Document Manager:
A “filing cabinet” structure-every document associated with the property is filed in a predetermined file folder
Search function allows user to locate document using key words
Uniform file folder structure for each property
Aids when turnover exists on a property level