Our Approach

We remain true to the DNA of our company – finding opportunities through an entrepreneurial approach to every engagement. Our growth and work with major financial institutions has bolstered and broadened that approach and we provide the structure and platform typical to a large company.


Our entrepreneurial perspective allows us to find new revenue opportunities and our years of managing various assets have honed our skills at finding expense savings that don't adversely affect the customer experience.

Institutional Operators:

Our large platform and institutional perspective afford us the benefit of systems, policies, procedures and reporting capabilities that are as sophisticated as any in the industry.

Adding Value:

We seek out opportunities to create value and maximize investor return. The more difficult the transaction, the more we shine.

At the core of the company are our values: honesty, transparency and creating a positive environment. Adherence to these values has been the cornerstone of our growth and stability

Hotels represent a kind of "Street Corner Business" - i.e., location is key (market & within market)

  • Crucial to know the market/sub-market
  • Imperative to create satisfied guests

Hotels "bought right" and "managed right" can deliver attractive absolute & risk-adjusted returns over the next decade

  • Superior performance can be delivered by focused, well-capitalized, well-disciplined specialists with the ability to move quickly

Bricton operates with a distinct competitive advantage in sourcing targeted hospitality investments

  • Broad, deep industry relationships (brokers, lenders, brands)
  • Approved operator by all major hotel brands