Welcome To The Bricton Group

Leading Hotel Management Company

Since 1989, the Bricton Group has served as a leader and innovator in the hospitality industry, specializing in development, ownership, management and asset management services across a wide variety of hotel brands.  With over 2,500 hotel rooms under management throughout the United States, Bricton is committed to the highest standards of stewardship, personal responsibility and collaboration in the pursuit of an exceptional guest experience.

Our "Be Bricton" culture features a partnership of ideas, innovation, and seamless communication with our owners, investors and hotel associates.  Our diverse portfolio shares a culture of hospitality that recognizes and respects the synergy between our hotel properties, their guests and their local communities resulting in exceptional profitability and sustainability.

Bricton's Formula for Success is to "Buy it Right, Run it Right"™

A hotel or a resort is a two-edged investment.  It's rate of return is dependent upon recognizing that each hotel is both a Real Estate investment and a Service Industry investment.

Our expertise includes:

  • Core Asset Acquisitions
  • Deep Turn Renovations
  • New Builds
  • Distressed Asset Turnarounds

The type of hotels include:

  • Full Service
  • Limited Service
  • Extended Stay
  • Resorts
  • Independent 
  • Boutique

Locations include:

  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • University locales
  • Resort destinations
  • Interstate
Edward Doherty

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"At the core of the company are our values: honesty, transparency and creating a positive environment.  Adherence to these values have been the cornerstone of our growth and stability"
- Ed Doherty

Mr. Doherty has been involved in the real estate, finance and hospitality industry since 1983.  In 1989, Mr. Doherty founded The Bricton Group in Northbrook, Illinois; a start-up company that has grown to managing over a billion in annual revenues.  As CEO of The Bricton Group, Mr. Doherty has been primarily responsible for the success and reputation of The Bricton Group.