Three Value-Creating Disciplines for Hospitality Success

Any business depends on successfully executing on three key disciplines: Sales, Operations, and Financial.

Sales & Marketing

Bricton realizes everything starts with sales and our team brings a very tactical approach to increasing revenues for hotels. From the General Manager (the rainmaker) to our line associates, everyone is involved in the sales process.

  • Laser focus on garnering market share in order to dominate the market.
  • Evaluate market, physical plant, & analyze current staffing.
  • Begin in-depth & immediate training-“Brictonize” the sales approach.
  • E-Commerce initiatives, direct sales effort and traditional advertising.
  • Create detailed sales, marketing, and revenue management plan which is a living, breathing document.
  • Involved in franchise sales management.
  • Optimize relationship with franchise management and sales.

We fully utilize available measurement tools and technology:

  • STR Report
  • Action Plans, Monthly Goals & Reporting
  • "Hotelligence" Reports
  • Budget
  • Sales Pro-accessibility & Transparency-Account Management

Operations & Guest Satisfaction

  • Ensure personnel meets our standards and staffing is strong.
  • Infuse Bricton culture into the team.
  • Create energy and excitement.
  • Emphasize independence, ownership and growth.
  • Constant training from a corporate perspective.
  • Sales is the KEY.
  • Strict adherence to the budget.
  • Cross pollination of ideas-BLADE.
  • Annual franchise training for management.
  • Hospitality University.
  • Bricton Summit.
  • Encourage growth within the company.

Financial Reporting

  • Emphasize sales & satisfied customers.
  • Revenues & guests are key.
  • Strict adherence to the budget.
  • Current staffing.
  • Checkbooks & labor tracking.
  • Implement procedures & reporting forms.
  • Daily, monthly & annual transparent reporting

The Bricton team's experience in these areas has fueled our success over 30 years.