Chicago Hospitality Management Company with Successful Properties Across the United States

Under the direction of our senior management team, the Bricton Group achieves unparalleled results for each of the properties in our portfolio. From urban boutique hotels to contemporary full and select suburban properties, Bricton brings a track record of outstanding operating results.

As investors in several properties we also manage on a day-to-day basis, we have developed a unique perspective that allows us to see both sides of the coin. Designed to address concerns that we identified from both the management and investment perspectives, our Proprietary Technology Platform (PTP) is a state-of-the-art communications system that seamlessly flows information between Bricton investors, owners and hotel associates.
Our hotel management capabilities are broad and inclusive. They include:

  • Acquisitions
  • Franchise Evaluation
  • Operations Management
  • Renovations/Redevelopment
  • Finance
  • Exit Strategies

Full-Service Management

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We have the capabilities and experience to manage every detail integral to building, running and marketing a successful hotel. Bricton team members specialize in seamless collaboration amongst themselves while continuously providing real-time accountability and communications to our owners and investors.

Our full-service expertise includes:

  • Concept Restaurants
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Conference & Convention Centers
  • Spa Services
  • Health Facilities
  • Attractions
  • Venue Management

Select Service

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In addition to providing an extensive suite of services to address both short- and long-term challenges, the Bricton culture of collaboration is one of our greatest assets. We believe that integrating improved solutions requires a sensitive and respectful evaluation of our property’s existing business models and practices.   

Our field managers are hand picked to handle the relevant areas of management required by our properties. With a fresh set of eyes and experienced skill sets – we identify trouble spots and implement the problem-solving process. Where can we help you be more efficient? More organized? More creative? All of the questions we ask are central to creating a great guest experience and a profitable outcome for our owners and investors.

Boutique/Bed & Breakfast

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From understated and cozy to hip and happening, Bricton’s boutique/B&B properties all share one thing in common – a spirit of independence.

With a unique expertise in current market trends in hospitality, Bricton brand specialists work with our owners and investors to develop a strong hotel concept backed up by savvy marketing strategies. From interior design to food & beverage to event planning and more, Bricton reaches for the out-of-ordinary.       

What results is a genuine authenticity that translates into repeat business and excellent word-of-mouth.


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We understand every detail associated with building, operating and marketing a successful resort. With the input of our owners and investors, Bricton team members work towards the same goal; to make every experience memorable for our guests, so that they want to return time and again to our properties.